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NSA & FBI UFO Disclosure-a-thon!


Goooooooood Morning SuperForest!

I’ve noticed an astounding increase in the number of UFO videos posted on youtube et al lately. Seems the skies above Earth are becoming a very busy place and many folks are out there with camcorders and cell phones to capture footage and share it via the net. Now, in the face of this growing mountain of evidence that SOMETHING is going on and we’re not being told the complete truth, both the FBI and the NSA have come forward and basically admitted that yes, there are indeed UFOs, and yes, we have indeed been in contact with alien species for at least 50 years.

Wha? Aliens? Contact? Secret bases on the dark side of the moon?

And the people stepping forward to disclose this information are not your garden variety crackpots, these are former military, FBI, NSA, airline pilots, researchers, scientists, White House workers. It seems that the coolest club on Capitol Hill these days is the “Admit to US/UFO Collusion” club.

Disclose.tvCNN UFO Disclosure Revealed By CIA/FBI Government Video

So, what does all this mean?

Well, to me these disclosures mean two things immediately: What else am I not being told? And, why am I being actively kept in ignorance?

Again, it seems our two pals Fear and Control are at the helm of whoever is steering the big ship, but Fear and Control seem to be losing their grip on the wheel. Peace and Love are

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growing and spreading and this may indeed be the last gasp of the forces of authority and cruelty.

Because if even one of these videos is real, and there is indeed intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy, then quite literally, all of our Earthly problems are over. We are not alone in the Universe. There is the history, language, and experience of an entirely new race to learn. There is faster-than-light travel and technology that we have only dreamt of. Medical advances, scientific advances, human rights advances on a scale that make the Renaissance look like a polite, colorful, belch of oil paints, musty pages, and strains of old music.

So, either our problems are over because we have a spiffy new enemy to band together against and fight (the Independence Day scenario) OR our problems are over because religion, politics, sports, money, and control are over. Religion, politics, sports, celebrity, money, all are forgotten in the face of the dazzling new potential offered by contact between intelligent species. This is a scenario that has yet to be written.


Who knows what is actually going on. We’re left to draw our own conclusions. When I see a skyrocketing in the number of videos purporting to show alien craft in the sky, AND couple that with members of the US Government freely disclosing that there has indeed been contact between humans and extra-planetary species, well, what else is there to think?

Or, it’s all fake and I live on a farm surrounded by food and people that love me. Either way, I’m having

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a great effing time. I hope that you’re having a great time too.

Love to all,


Amazing Live Painting Video

Amazing painting. Amazing video. Amazing soundtrack.

From EFF.org:

“EFF designer Hugh D’Andrade creates a fanciful mural-sized political cartoon depicting how the NSA’s illegal spying program operates inside AT&T’s San Francisco facility.”

This video’s a bit more political than usual. For me, it was the music and the excellent painting display that practically forced me to link to it. The message was just the icing on the cake.

Saw it on the amazing boingboing.