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Jackson’s Journal – I Have Become Them

(image via flickr user haekal_muhamad)

Good Morning SuperForest!

This here picture is the female mosquito doing her thang, sucking blood out of a human being. She will use this blood to nourish the clutch of eggs she carries within her. When the eggs are ready, she deposits them into a still pool of water, where they begin their life cycle, first as underwater nymphs, then as full fledged mozzies of their own.

Why do I mention this? I’ve got a theory!

You see, many people here on Kauai have noticed that when they first arrive on the island their sensitivity to mosquito bites is high. They get bitten and red welt-like bumps appear, itching and annoying for ages. But as one settles down into an area, a definite drop in sensitivity becomes noticeable, to the point where long time residents don’t even bother with mosquito nets at night, and rarely if ever complain about getting bitten.

It stands to reason that here on Kauai different sub-species of the master mosquito species have adapted to fit into each of the islands many micro-climates. Moving from one micro-climate to another exposes one to an entirely new sub-species of mosquito, and the desensitization process must re-occur. But re-occur it does and soon after moving you settle down and soon after that the mozzies seem to stop biting.

Why is that?

My theory is this: If each mother mosquito is using your blood to nourish (i.e. grow, i.e. use as base material to create from,) her young, then you are very slightly, but definitely, related to that brood of mosquito offspring. The new brood is literally made up of your blood. Now the females of this new brood get to biting you, nourishing yet another round of you-based offspring, which grows to adult mosquito-hood and the process continues. As you are bitten, you become the base material for each successive brood of mosquito offspring, eventually rendering you invisible to them.

Eventually you are surrounded with mosquitoes made of you. The adult mosquito lives for four to eight weeks. Spend six months in one micro-climate with one master species of mosquito biting you, and soon enough the genetic difference between you and your little buzzing friends diminishes to the point where for them to bite you would be too much like a sort of cannibalistic incest, and they leave you alone. Until your next move.

Love to All!