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SuperForest Calendar: The 2010 Freedom Awards

Good Morning, SuperForest!

It is with extreme pleasure that I announce the addition of yet another fine SuperForesty event that is going to be taking place next weekend: The 2010 Freedom Awards!

Earlier this year, SuperForest partnered up with the inspirational crew of abolitionists over at Free the Slaves. Just yesterday, one of their most dedicated representatives, SuperForester Tawney, called me to tell us about this long anticipated event that she describes as a soul-revving, heart-thumping, shout-out-loud celebration. According to Tawney, the Freedom Awards ceremony is not about despair, but about hope and heroes. They honor the finest anti-slavery warriors who inspire us, and celebrate a growing global community of artists, athletes, philanthropists, thinkers, activists and people of faith who vow to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery once and for all. The night is jam packed with insight, entertainment, and inspiration.

Here’s a taste of what the event was like last year:

This year, it looks like the event is going to be even better!

2010 Freedom Awards and Freedom Rocks Afterparty
With Guests Including…
Jason Mraz
Sir Ken Robinson
Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher
Luc and the Lovingtons…and so many more!

Where: Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
When: Sunday, November 7th 5PM

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Free the Slaves is giving SuperForesters an exclusive promotional code discount when we purchase our tickets! Punch in the word “superforest” in the space provided and you get 30% of your ticket price! Yup, they’re just awesome like that.

Please visit thefreedomawards.com for all the details and information. It’s bound to be a moving experience and I hope those of you that are in the area and can make it, will attend and bring all your friends along!

With love and excitement,

Traffic Free Los Angeles

Last night I took my brother to see the live stage production of the Pee Wee Herman Show (more on that later :)) Before leaving for the theater, we checked google maps and found that, thanks to the Super Bowl, most folks were avoiding the freeways. I’d never before seen them this clear and thought a screengrab was in order.


Yay! Traffic free! Thank you, Super Bowl!

Peacock On My Roof!


Goood Morning SuperForest!

I’m back in Los Angeles, and who came over to say hello? My next door neighbor’s peacock!

Wicked cool. Here he (she?) is sitting on my roof.

Jackson’s Journal (12/2/09) Opportunities A’plenty!

picture-1(lovely image by Matt Sewell)

Goood morning SuperForest!

Phew! It felt so good to write that confessional post. Like a big ol’ balloon of fear has been released! I highly recommend starting a blog, simply so that you can use it to say what you’re afraid of, and thus defuse the fear. Everyone should start a blog. For serious.

Here is the new situation SFJ has lucked into…

After living in NYC for three years, I have returned to Los Angeles, the city I was born in. I’m now living in my boyhood home, with my brother, my father, SuperForester Kate, and Baloo, the non-wonder dog. We five now find ourselves in a very interesting situation: Can we all share a house and live more sustainably together AND still all feel good and get along? Like, how far can you take the SuperForesting?

I realize that to be an effective an non-hypocritical SFJ, I must practice exactly what I preach and make my home The Environment. When I lived in New York, I lived alone, and was free to recycle and compost and build wild and crazy inventions, and make a mess, and not be in anyone’s way. Now there are other people to consider and so I’ve tried to move slowly and step lightly, making sure to clean a lot and do a lot of dishes. (When it comes to “saving the environment,” I cannot overstress the importance of cleaning and doing dishes. It may seem silly, but it’s vital. Start with the environment you see right in front of you, AKA your house/room/tent. Once you’ve finished that, move on to your block, then the entire neighborhood, in an ever-expanding circle of awesomeness.)

Now that I’m back home, in a house, with a yard, and sunlight, and nice weather, I’d very much like to explore a possibility: I’d very much like to see if I can take the SuperForesting to a higher level. I’d like to see if I and SuperForester Kate, and my brother, and father, and mother, and sister, (when they are in town) can transform our little house  from one that consumes a great deal of energy to one that EXPORTS energy, or is at least self-sustaining. I want to see if we can LIVE SuperForest.


(living SuperForest involves a lot of leaping :) Image via thetravellerslounge)

I see so many ways that we could subtly alter how we are living that would allow us to live with a lighter footprint on the Earth. Since I arrived from New York, I’ve been overseeing the houses recycling, and started us composting, switched to non-petro cleaners, washing the laundry on cold, that sort of thing. (Must start hang drying!) I’ve been waking up early and seeing where the sunlight hits our yard makes me think that some raised bed gardens could be perfect and easy to set up. I’d love to turn off the sprinkler system and get rid of the lawns. Where can this house save water? How can it catch and hold water when it rains? What could we do to increase the houses energy efficiency? Would solar heaters work for us? Solar power? Better insulation?

So many questions!

But the biggest one is: How could all this be done with a minimum of expense. Buying as little as possible, preferably none. Using reclaimed and upcycled materials whenever possible. How could we all live beautiful, happy, healthy low energy lives? How much material could we save from getting tossed out, and instead use it to improve the quality of our lives?


Gardens would keep us outdoors more, and the exercise and fresh food would save us money and gas and help us live longer. I’ve been raking the leaves in the yard, and instead of putting them in the can for the city to deal with, I’ve just been piling them up as mulch at the base of the plants. This helps the plants by keeping water from evaporating out of the surrounding dirt, and the leaves break down into compost. Right now, we’ve got a gardener who comes and leaf blowers all of those leaves into a corner of the yard, then he cans them up, and gets them gone. But those leaves are valuable biomass (aka: dirt), or they would be, if given the opportunity. Right now, the soil in our yard is hard clay. I cannot help but think what the soil would be like if instead of leaf blowering all of those years of leaves away, the leaves had simply lain there, broken down naturally, and allowed the process nature has perfected to run its simple course.


We’d have dirt like an biodynamic farm on Maui! Mountainous piles of rich, black, earthy loam! Crawling with earthworms and beneficial bacteria! That would be dirt you could grow tomatoes in…

I’ve found myself in an incredible opportunity.

I live in this beautiful house with wonderful people, in an extraordinarily lucky situation. I want to serve this place and see if we can all transform this property, and by extension our very lives, together. And I want to share that journey with you. I want to garden my home myself, and clean it, and repair it, and work to keep it well. I want to see if love can transform this home into an oasis of peace and sustainability. And why not? The fixes are minute. Behavioral mostly. It’s amazing how simply one can save energy, when one is in the mindset of energy saving.

Let us explore together, and see if one home like many others can begin taking the baby steps of the life SuperForest.

Now, to ask Mummy if it’s okay…


Love to All,


Matt Logue Photography: “empty L.A.”

Empty LA

Matt Logue works in the film effects industry in Los Angeles and his latest creation, a photography book titled “empty L.A.”, sent shivers down my spine. The title pretty much says it all, it answers the question: what would Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest populated city, look like if it were people-less?

Empty LA

Empty LA

Empty LA
Empty LA

Empty LA

The answer? Erie beyond measure. I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life and although the density, the congestion, and the traffic are definitely not an attribute to brag about, it is an attribute nevertheless. Seeing all those empty streets really makes you realize the impact we’ve had on this earth and they certainly had somewhat of an impact on me.

Beautiful work, Mr. Logue! You can visit the “empty L.A.” site here to see some more of the photographs. And to buy his book, click here!

Love and Namaste.

The SuperForest Show! Episode Ten! Thankfultimes Ahoy!


Thank you.


Claire Oswalt: “Doubled Over” – SuperForester Jackson As A Giant, Grimacing, Wooden Man-Bot


Goood Morning SuperForest!

My dear friend Claire Oswalt is an amazing artist living and working in Brooklyn. She’s got a show up right now at Taylor De Cordoba Gallery in Los Angeles, with a piece called “Doubled Over” which I posed for. So if you’re in the mood for some darn fine art, and to see me as a sculpture, head on over!


picture-152Aaaaagh! The pain! The crushing pain of existence!!!! Ennui attack! Ennui attaaaaaaack!!!!

Taylor de Cordoba is at:
2660 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90034

Quick Reminder: “Fuel” Opens in Los Angeles Today. First 100 Bicyclists Get Free Passes!

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all!

I just wanted to remind all SuperForesters in Los Angeles to go and Check out Josh Tickell’s new film “Fuel” premiering today in at the Laemmle Sunset 5 and in Santa Monica.

“Hello SuperForest!

This is filmmaker Josh Tickell inviting all SuperForesters in the Los Angeles area to please come to the premier of my new film FUEL, which opens on Friday, February 13th in Los Angeles.

FUEL opens at AMC Lowes Broadway 4 in Santa Monica (TICKETS) and at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood (TICKETS)

Tell your friends, bring your family, take your Valentine, and spread the word.

President Obama wants us all to take part in change – here’s your chance!



Go see! It’s great fun, and packed with vitamins and minerals to build strong teeth and healthy bones.

If you see Josh, tell him that SF says: “Hello!”

“Fuel” Premiers in Los Angeles This Friday! 2/13/09 Ride Your Bike and Get in Free!


Good Morning SuperForest!

We’ve got a special announcement for all of our Californian SuperForesters!

Josh Tickell’s new film, Fuel is premiering this Friday in Los Angeles and he has got a special message for us all:

“Hello SuperForest!

This is filmmaker Josh Tickell inviting all SuperForesters in the Los Angeles area to please come to the premier of my new film FUEL, which opens on Friday, February 13th in Los Angeles.

FUEL opens at AMC Lowes Broadway 4 in Santa Monica (TICKETS) and at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood (TICKETS)

Tell your friends, bring your family, take your Valentine, and spread the word.

President Obama wants us all to take part in change – here’s your chance!



Thank you, Josh!

Here’s the trailer:

For added fun, the first 100 folks who show up on bikes get free tickets. How cool is that?



Here is the invite:

Join the alternative car and bike parade to L.A.’s February 13 Opening Night Show. Free tickets for the first 100 riders! Mount your trusty two-wheeler or rev up that biodiesel. Put your pedal to the metal to show LA what FUEL is taking about!

Alternative Car and Bike Parade – 6 PM PST, February 13, 2009


* Gather at 6 PM PST
* Meet at the top of the Santa Monica Pier by the cannon in Palisades Park
at the corner of Ocean and Colorado
* RSVP to Jon Luskin — jonluskin@gmail.com
* Parade will lead to 7 pm opening night showing of FUEL at the AMC Lowes Laemmle Sunset 5 on 3rd Street in Santa Monica.
* Everyone in the parade gets a glow necklace to wear since it will be nightfall.

Well, that sounds fun. I wish I could be there. I love a good bike ride.

Hope everyone has a good time. And a big thank you to Josh for the message and to SuperForester Julia for hooking up the info.

Love to All,


Need Help Moving? Mean Green Trucking!

Hi Everyone,
I just noticed these guys driving down the street and I love sharing practical information about companies that are taking steps towards a more sustainable way of life.
Mean Green Trucking is doing what they can to better our environment, while providing a necessary service.
Their New York warehouse is solar powered, their trucks run on vegetable oil and they plant a tree (through americanforests.org) for every move they do. They have already planted over 1,000 trees this year!
So, if you live in NY or Los Angeles and you need help with a move, why not use these guys and help our environment at the same time?
Sounds like a win/win situation to me.
Happy Monday!

SuperForester Savannah’s Music Column: G Love and BeGreen!

Hello All!

We’re very proud to present the first of (hopefully many) SuperForester Savannah’s music columns! Savannah is out there finding the best and brightest in music and posting it to SF.

Here we go!

I finally made it!!!! Helllllloooooo SuperForest! Such a privilege to finally be chilling with my bro Jackson and all our our super fantastic SuperForest friends.

What am I doing here you may ask? Well for starters I’d like to make your ears smile!! Or your eyes dance! Or your feet talk! Music is my bag kiddies so sit back and relax while we do it to your eardrums! SuperForester Savvy has many cool things to share however I figured I’d start with what I know best.

But where to start I have been asking myself the last week? What shall I play first? Who shall I present for your listening and viewing pleasure? The answer became very clear the other day and it was inspired by Jackson’s Peace Alphabet.

For the past month SuperForest has been rockin’ the peace vibe to the supreme extreme and it couldn’t come at a better time. It made me think of another friend who took his message of Peace, Love, and Happiness to the airwaves this summer.

G Love and Special Sauce, one of my all time favorites, got funky on their new single bringing a fresh modern take on the ideals so many of our parents stood for and they didn’t even wear flowers in their hair (although that might have looked pretty). Besides the fact that the video is rad and takes place hovering over the city of Los Angeles which is oh so lovely from above I wanted to shout out G Love for another reason…..he is oh so SuperForest.

As an artist he is continually committed to making a difference. This year he teamed up with BeGreen in order to work at offsetting the carbon footprint of his very busy touring schedule. BeGreen offers many ways for us as individuals to calculate and offset our own carbon footprints. Their parent company Green Mountain Energy has been the nation’s leading clean energy provider for nearly a decade. So they’ve got they knowledge and the know how.

G Love and BeGreen created their own site so you can learn about their combined efforts, or check out begreennow.com to explore all that BeGreen itself has to offer. Gooooooo G! Hope you enjoy the hot beats kiddies! Wishing you all peace, love, and happiness!!!!



Robotic Dinosaur Loose in Museum!


This dinosaur and others are now roaming loose at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Phantom Planet: Raise the Dead!

Los Angeles based band Phantom Planet have put out an incredible new album, with one of the hottest singles I’ve ever heard. No joke. It’s e-p-i-c.

A good song to get your weekend started off right.

Raise The Dead – Phantom Planet

The lovely lads in Phantom Planet have been a good friend of SuperForest’s for a long, long time. It’s good to see their fourth album come so correct.

Go, PP!


Jackson and Team SuperForest.

P.S. You like that song? You’ll like this song.