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Quick Reminder: “Fuel” Opens in Los Angeles Today. First 100 Bicyclists Get Free Passes!

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all!

I just wanted to remind all SuperForesters in Los Angeles to go and Check out Josh Tickell’s new film “Fuel” premiering today in at the Laemmle Sunset 5 and in Santa Monica.

“Hello SuperForest!

This is filmmaker Josh Tickell inviting all SuperForesters in the Los Angeles area to please come to the premier of my new film FUEL, which opens on Friday, February 13th in Los Angeles.

FUEL opens at AMC Lowes Broadway 4 in Santa Monica (TICKETS) and at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood (TICKETS)

Tell your friends, bring your family, take your Valentine, and spread the word.

President Obama wants us all to take part in change – here’s your chance!



Go see! It’s great fun, and packed with vitamins and minerals to build strong teeth and healthy bones.

If you see Josh, tell him that SF says: “Hello!”

Solutions For the Future! “Green” is Go!… (So, What’s Next?)


Good Morning SuperForest!

Jackson here, and I’ve got some great news to start your Tues.

As I have written many times before, I live in New York. I subject myself (and my chihuahua) to life in this zany, aggressive town because it seems to be the city on Earth with the greatest number of ideas and opinions all slammed into one another. Everyone is out on the streets, showing off their ideas. Best ideas win.

As a part of my work for SuperForest, I try to keep an eye on the state of “Green.” (Here is our attempt at defining that often used word.)

For us, “green” is any idea, product, or technology that allows us to move away from fossil fuels and into a future with more plant life.

Over the past several years, I have seen New York utterly awaken to the idea of green sustainable living, and now, going out and talking with people all over town, from all walks of life, I have come to a conclusion:

Green is go.

A critical mass has been reached. Petroleum is over, and any company that refuses to face this is going to be in for a very hard time.

Green living will become the norm, and soon we will talk about sustainability much like we talk about the radio, or the telephone… We won’t.

Green living will simply be ubiquitous, and the current inefficient system will be thought as ridiculous as child labor, slavery, and commercial whaling.

Everything I see around me reinforces this in my mind.

Everywhere one looks, people are slowly backing away from oil companies, car companies, plastics companies, fertilizer companies, and are looking into ways we could still have power, transportation, plastics, and fertilizer, without using petroleum ever again.

Can we do it?
Yes, we can. All the answers are there!

That’s the truly thrilling part!

Josh Tickell, a man who has spent the majority of his life studying the energy crisis and ways to solve it, has this to say:

“It poses a much bigger question, like how are we going to deal with playing God with genetic engineering?  What are we going to do with that?  That’s a much bigger question than how do we address the energy crisis.  We already have the solution to the energy crisis.”

Did y’all read that right? This man has been studying the problems we face intently for more than 20 years, and he’s saying that we already have all the answers we need. All we’ve got to do is summon the drive to implement them.

So, what are the answers?

Sadly, the solutions cannot be summed up in one word… I’ll need two.

Silver Buckshot.

What the world seems to be hoping for is a Silver Bullet. Superman from the sky swooops in to deliver us from all our problems. One magic pill we can swallow and then go back to racing our dune buggies. Ain’t never gonna happen.

What is happening is the Silver Buckshot approach. No single “bullet” could ever pierce the layers of issues we face, but a shotgun blast of ideas from hundreds of angles will tear right through it. Some shots will miss, others will graze, and some will hit dead center. But by allowing for a more varied approach, we will retain the flexibility we need to continue growing. Silver Buckshot means algae fuels, advanced recycling techniques, bioplastics, plasma gasification, landfill-to-energy tech, smart grids, solar/wind/geothermal, electric cars, composting, greater urban density, etc. etc. etc.

Buckshot! Hundreds of thousands of bullets. Pow! Pow! Pow! Hundreds of thousands of people contributing tens of millions of potential solutions. We shall use the internet to aggregate the solutions and force the best ones to rise to the top like sweet, rich, cream.

The name of the game in the coming years is flexibility. We as a species, particularly in the developed Western world, must be like the reed in the wind. We shall bend, and bend, and bend again. As many times as is necessary… But we shall not break.

A field of reeds growing together, sheltering one another, sharing bending techniques, this is what we shall be and this is the capability that the internet has offered us.

And so, what’s a green blog to do now that the “end of Green” is in sight?

We shall return once again to the Humanifesto.

The belief that all are equal and should be treated as such. The belief that technology will allow us all to grow together while minimizing our impact on our planet’s finite resources. The belief in the power of manners and social grace to transform and inspire.

We cannot say for certain what the future holds… Save for this:

The Earth will eventually return to a bright green state. SuperForest’s work is to ensure that we humans are living on it when it does.

SuperForest will now concentrate much harder on examining other cultures and ideas, in the hopes of spreading the Humanifesto and provoking cross-cultural exchanges of ideas, and examining how technology can make life more sustainable for all Earthlings. In the hopes of defusing xenophobic misinformation. In the hopes of turning “them” into “us.”

We will use our positivity plus the internet to spread a message of peace. Peace through Communication. Peace through Respect. Peace equals more and better life for all humans.

In short, there is much to look forward to and be hopeful about, provided that you can bend and flex with love in your heart and a smile on your face, and teach others how to do the same.

That is what we are working on.

Love to All.

Have an excellent day!


“Fuel” Premiers in Los Angeles This Friday! 2/13/09 Ride Your Bike and Get in Free!


Good Morning SuperForest!

We’ve got a special announcement for all of our Californian SuperForesters!

Josh Tickell’s new film, Fuel is premiering this Friday in Los Angeles and he has got a special message for us all:

“Hello SuperForest!

This is filmmaker Josh Tickell inviting all SuperForesters in the Los Angeles area to please come to the premier of my new film FUEL, which opens on Friday, February 13th in Los Angeles.

FUEL opens at AMC Lowes Broadway 4 in Santa Monica (TICKETS) and at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood (TICKETS)

Tell your friends, bring your family, take your Valentine, and spread the word.

President Obama wants us all to take part in change – here’s your chance!



Thank you, Josh!

Here’s the trailer:

For added fun, the first 100 folks who show up on bikes get free tickets. How cool is that?



Here is the invite:

Join the alternative car and bike parade to L.A.’s February 13 Opening Night Show. Free tickets for the first 100 riders! Mount your trusty two-wheeler or rev up that biodiesel. Put your pedal to the metal to show LA what FUEL is taking about!

Alternative Car and Bike Parade – 6 PM PST, February 13, 2009


* Gather at 6 PM PST
* Meet at the top of the Santa Monica Pier by the cannon in Palisades Park
at the corner of Ocean and Colorado
* RSVP to Jon Luskin — jonluskin@gmail.com
* Parade will lead to 7 pm opening night showing of FUEL at the AMC Lowes Laemmle Sunset 5 on 3rd Street in Santa Monica.
* Everyone in the parade gets a glow necklace to wear since it will be nightfall.

Well, that sounds fun. I wish I could be there. I love a good bike ride.

Hope everyone has a good time. And a big thank you to Josh for the message and to SuperForester Julia for hooking up the info.

Love to All,


The “Fuel” Premiere NYC

Good Evening SuperForest!

SuperForester Jackson here. I just got back to my apartment after the premier of Fuel, Josh Tickell’s new film about the mess we’re in and how to clean it up.

Beginning with a bio of Josh, his Australian birth and upbringing, it then follows him as he is transplanted into Louisiana, where many of his relatives are being curiously sickened, clearly by the oil refineries surrounding them…

The biggest shock to the young Josh and his brother is the contrast between Australia, where you can swim in any water hole and eat any fish you catch, to the bayous of Louisiana, where the waterways are clogged with waste and not fit for humans.

He describes how the shock of the alien culture and the hostile environment drove him inward, leading young Josh on a path of discovering the natural world through science. He began his career as an enviro-scientist by testing the waterways around his home county, finding dangerous levels of multiple toxins. Such was the severity of his findings that an official from the EPA threatened to disqualify his science project, on the grounds that Josh’s numbers were so different from the “official” levels released by the oil company funded EPA.


While he was living abroad, Josh discovered the work of Rudolph Diesel, whose engine was originally built to run on peanut oil. Seeing that farmers in Germany were already using biodiesel to run their tractors, Josh had an epiphany: He’d return to the United States and get evangelical about the wonders of biodiesel!

And that’s just what he did. Josh and some creative friends sketched out a rudimentary biodiesel station that could convert waste veggie oil from fast food joints into fuel, and be towed behind Josh’s new diesel Winnebago.


Josh then spent the next several years touring around the country, giving lectures, showing off his technology, answering questions, getting interviewed, all while slowly snowballing biodiesel awareness.

As Fuel puts it very bluntly, oil is over. Fossil fuels are finished.
And since what we need is not a magic bullet, but magic buckshot, the answers to our problems are various and delightful.

But there is one word that you should know, for this simple word will be a major part of the transition away from fossil fuels. That word is algae.

Check this:

Ironically, it’s algae that we have to blame for getting us into this mess, as it was ancient algae and phytoplankton that became oil in the first place. But algae-fuel technologies will be able to step in and provide us with the crutch that we need to hobble through this mess, but only if enough people know about it and believe.

The amazing thing about algae is how many problems it solves at once! Its main food sources are sunlight and carbon dioxide. You can produce it on land that can’t be farmed, with water that can’t be drunk. Because it grows so fast you can make it as fast as you need it, in as big a system as you can imagine.

The oil extracted from algae can be used to make diesel, regular gasoline, plastics, fertilizers, and because this algae-oil can be made from waste it is a negative carbon producer.

That means, for every tank of algae-diesel pumped, you’d be removing multiple tanks of fossil fuel damage from the lovely equation we call life here on Earth.

Algae, folks. The future is in algae.

But remember, no magic bullets! Magic buckshot is the new way.

So in addition to algae tech, we’re gonna need solar, wind, geothermal, bicycles, and good old smart engineering to use less energy.

Collaboration and idea-sharing are our way out of this.

Josh describes how the anger from the injustices around him were his primary source of inner fuel for many years… That is until he decided to stop fighting and start forming partnerships.

When Josh and I spoke today he said two things that encouraged me greatly: The first was that we could now easily run our entire planet solely on the waste we’ve produced. And the second thing he said, and bear in mind that this is a man who has spent better than a decade working on this issue, was that the answers to the energy crises, the bright lights to shine our way out of this quagmire, are all there.

We don’t need anything new to fix the problem. We have all the answers.
Now is simply a matter of implementing them…

No, says Josh, (I’m paraphrasing) the really interesting question is not how we solve the energy crises. We know the answers to that.
The really interesting question is what we do now that we can so easily play god.


Fuel opens in NYC March 13th, and, if 2,000 people see it, it will go wide.
So New York, let’s go see a movie!

This one’s a doozy.

I’d like to thank Josh Tickell for soldiering on so bravely for so many years on behalf of us all, for his undying dedication to being a decent human being and creating effective communication, and for taking the time to chat with me today.

Your movie is a great one, Josh. I hope the world pays notice.

Thank you very much to All

-SuperForester Jackson

p.s. I was extended the invitation to the screening by SuperForester Julia and I’d like to give her my hearty thanks.

SuperForest Celebrity Josh Tickell’s Film “Fuel” Premiers Tonight! (And We’re Going To Be There!)


Good Morning SuperForest,

Biodiesel guru Josh Tickell is in NYC tonight to screen his solution-tastic new film “Fuel

Here is the trailer:

Josh was kind enough to spend a few minutes chatting with SuperForest today, and the audio is being transcribed as I type these very words! So stay tuned…

The situation that the world faces right now is that oil is the lifeblood of our very existence, so changing over to renewable resources is much like performing a full blood transfusion on a runner while they’re in a full sprint. A very tricky situation…
Josh says that Fuel is about positive solutions for continued survival. We’re very excited to see!

Here’s a quote from today’s interview:

“Every single energy loss in this country is a potential energy gain…
Do you want to consume? Or do you want to live prosperously”

Here’s Josh Tickell’s wiki.
And the Fuel Movie site.