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Jazari: Wiimote Controlled Drum Circle. What CAN’T Your Wiimote Do?

Patrick Flanagan isn’t your average video game nerd.

He isn’t even your average music nerd.

(Image Credit – Jazari Flickr Set – Patrick Flanagan)

He is the fusion of engineer, musician, and video game enthusiast.  Congratulations everyone!  There is proof that your hippie drum circle can move seamlessly into the 21st century!

Using the individual Wiimote buttons, Flanagan can control which drums are hit and at what intonation.  By leaning the Wiimote right and left, the beats being played can change from quarter notes to thirty-second notes.  By pointing the Wiimote upward or downward, the volume gets louder and softer.  This is just the beginning of his method for operating his robot band, lovingly named “Jazari”.  Check out a full blown performance below!

Watch him explain more specifics about how Jazari works:

Gimme a beat!


Eat your heart out Techno fans, 8 Bit music is HERE…

…and it has a big ‘underground’ following.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’m sure you’re just not in the appropriate social circles.  A few months ago I found myself at a house party – turned – concert where 8 bit musicians from around the country stopped to perform in a guy’s basement.  
From the wikipedia article:
“8-bit can refer to a style of electronic music inspired by the sound of old computer consoles from the 8-bit era of video games.  This music will often reflect sounds from technology that is seen as primitive or “outdated” such as the Game Boy and home made synthesizers.”
Check out the following video to hear a little and understand the method:

Its amazing what people get inspired by.  And its amazing what can be created by these inspirations.  Not only are people creating music, but people are creating applications for Game Boys and Nintendos to specifically create music in a more efficient way.
Here is another sample of some tunes:

There is an online community known as 8 bit peoples that helps promote events such as the Blip Festival.  Its the lollapalooza of 8-bit.

And also, if you’re interested, check out my friend Logan’s myspace for some interesting 8-bit tunes.


Go create some music!  With whatever you can find!  Inspiration is all around you.

Tenori-On (and on, and on…)

I really love the Tenori-On.

Look what you can do with it:

Never heard of the Tenori-On?
Here’s the first video I saw:

Toshio Iwai, you’ve got the goods.

And here is the Tenori-On Official Site