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Things We Love: Jeremyville’s “Community Service Announcements”

Hi SuperForest,

They’re undeniably simple and tell us things we probably already should know. But nevertheless, UK artist Jeremyville‘s Community Service Announcements are beautiful works of art that never cease to put smiles on my face. I could go on about how much his work calls attention toward things we tend to forget as a society, but in this case, I feel the artwork pretty much speaks for itself. Here’s a taste of his artwork, which combined, creates what is most likely the most darling “bucket list” ever conceived by man:

Love! To see more of Jeremyville’s “Community Service Announcements” please be sure to check out his website, here. (Because I know you want to.)


Kristoff Kintera

Kristoff Kintera is a Czech artist. His drawing are incredible, and if one goes to his site, his sculptures and videos are incredible too.

Thank to SuperForester Tina for the heads up!