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Forever Young: Bob Dylan

Paul Rogers is an illustrator, and oh what an illustrator he is! Here are a few examples of his work.

And one of my personal favorites…

This past October, a children’s book by the incredible Bob Dylan was released featuring the illustrations of Mr. Rogers. It is a book based off of Dylan’s 1974 classic “Forever Young” and the combination of the heart felt lyrics and the amazing illustrations make for a jaw dropping book.

In his blog, Paul Rogers describes the challenge in illustrating a book that takes on one of Dylan’s most loved songs. He explains that he attempted to bring elements from Dylan’s personal life background and his other songs in order to create a book that children, adults, and Bob Dylan fans in general, would enjoy.

I’d say he was very successful in doing just that.

Thanks Paul for such wonderful images and a big thank you to Mr. Dylan for such wonderful words. Words that will never cease to uplift and inspire me.

May you stay forever young,

Monday Smiling.

Smile Mommies and Daddies!

Love is here to stay!