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Ewa’s Journal: Be the future

Thoroughly beautiful lady Audrey Hepburn and her inspirational words … Be brave. Believe in your future. Give it

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a chance to make your time on earth an unforgettable experience:) love, e. au via  

Marc Jackson’s Man From Space!

beardylocks and the fish

The incandescently indecent Smart Marc Jackson has created a delightful web comic about a Man From Space. It is called Man From Space!


Stellar Gardens IndieGogo!

Goooooood Morning SuperForest!

I’ve just got done putting together a movie about the last few years of my life, including how SuperForest was created, moving to Kauai, meeting Melissa, the birth of our daughter Stellar, and the community land project we are building.

If you like this and want to support us, please share this link with your family and friends. We’re trying to get this message out to as many young families and parents-to-be as possible, and your help is so greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for being you. None of this would be happening without you.



Heather’s Journal: Grey Skies, Rainbows and Music

SuperForessssssssssst!!!!!! Oh how I have missed all of you! I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your lives, SuperForesting all over the place, wherever you may be, physically, mentally and spiritually! It’s the land of winter here in Ottawa, we are beginning to get the snow and the ice :) With this season grey skies appear, and I find my Piscean moods shifting more rapidly. It is a daily reminder to myself to choose love, choose my attitude and choose positivity! To search for the rainbow in

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that grey sky, if you will. Today’s little rainbow is the celebration of birth of one SuperForester Drake! Join me as we wish him well and post can’t enjoy their music! There is something about this song, this music and their musical chemistry together that just gives me chills — the good kind :) Yours in love with grey skies, rainbows and music, SuperForester Heather

Ewa’s Journal: Enthusiasm in action – according to Jason Mraz ;)

Ok, Monday… let’s do this!
A new beginning and a brand new opportunity to change one’s attitude :)
So I challenge you to be enthusiastic, to be “insanely positive”!
Let’s spread positivity around!

Ps. There

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is no need to be serious all the time ;) Be kind. Be enthusiastic, have fun!

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Love, e.

Man Builds Own Island out of Plastic Bottles

Richie Sowa is a SuperForest Hero. He built his own private island out of

plastic bottles that he collected from local beaches and restaurants! Genius.

Our own beloved SuperForester Jon has built a beautiful new website to house his digital self. Jon is a

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feast for the eyes and a resting place for the soul, like Valhalla but with less Norsemen.

Check out! Art, torso-wrapping t-shirts, and custom etched water flagons to soothe and calm your inner fire dragon. Yes!

Ewa’s Journal : Magic



It is what first comes to my mind, when thinking about the power of music and dancing. It is my very intimate city, with lots of intriguing paths thatawait patiently to

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be discovered.

This is like never ending journey…. Amazing, no?

Today I am guided by Emma Porter and Matt Luck , will you join us:) ?


Ps. The harmony between their moves and the music… plus amazing and very touching interpretation of “Purple rain” by Jennifer Terran!

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for creating beauty.




Water Facts Sheet – Degrees of Thirst

This just came in from SuperForester Mary-Beth!

Degrees of Thirst
Created by:

Don’t forget the dubious African Child Meme!


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Cheers, Mary-Beth!

Collaboration Imagination Station

Heyyyyo, SuperForest!!

Check it. This is what 2,601 rad people collaborating together in music, dance, art, film, performance and technology looks like! {via Ze Frank and Mr. (Christopher) Norman}:

Amazing! Way to go, everyone who participated!!

If these awesome people can do this, imagine what we SuperForesters can do!

Any ideas?


SuperForester Heather

SuperForester Stellar!

Gooooooood Morning SuperForest!

This is my daughter, SuperForester Stellar Joy! She came into the world on a beautiful sunny Friday morning, and arrived with a full action set of ten fingers and ten toes.

It will be interesting to raise a child and apply all that I have learned through this wonderful site, and during the subsequent years I’ve spent studying permaculture. Melissa and I are going to make sure that she understands that she’s here to save the world, that she is the very Universe, and that she has all sorts of cool powers. She should be an interesting kid.

I am very blessed to have as a partner one of the most capable, brilliant,

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and gorgeous human beings who has ever walked the planet. I am humbled to be in a relationship with a woman so powerful and brave. Watching her bring our daughter into the world was… was… was…


Much love, SuperForesters. Thank you for being a part of my life.

SuperForest Films: Liberal Arts

Sometimes it surprises me that Josh Radnor isn’t a member of Team SuperForest. After I saw HappyThankyouMorePlease I really felt like Josh really “got” the whole SuperForest ideology. I mean heck, he has Malin Ackerman’s character say that the key to gratitude is simple, it’s to “say thank you”. Wowza! Total SuperForest Humanifesto action there.

Now Josh has a second film as Actor/Director — Liberal Arts. As a combined English Lit/Cinema Theory Major, I completely understand the idea of being “unemployable” in today’s economic system, as is quoted in the film. Although I haven’t yet seen the film, I wanted to comment on the honesty that seems to be in the script, simply based on the trailer.

Perhaps it’s because I’m in the same stage of life, but the idea of looking at our aging selves is really quite interesting. Our society is so obsessed with staying young on the outside, and why is that? Why isn’t it cool to have wrinkles and grey hair? The truth is, it IS cool. Grey hair and wrinkles show the passage of time. With time comes wisdom from success, failure, love, learning and life experience. As I get older I can’t help but still feel like a 19 year old such as the character in Josh’s recent film, but in reality, I am much older than that physically and chronologically.

I think it’s important for us to be grateful for all of our days on this planet. Regardless of how old we are, how many lessons we’ve learned, how many crazy things we’ve experienced…we are who we are, and the dark and the light are both important pieces to our life puzzles.

Like Josh, as I also realize how much older I am than those who are currently in college (or as we Canadians refer to it, “university”), I am reminded to be grateful for all I have experienced since that time, and who I’ve become in the process.

And…more importantly, where I am still going, and who I am still becoming.

Yours in love with super-analytic, life-reflexive films,

SuperForester Heather

Ewa’s Journal: Just saying…

It is after

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midnight, here in Poland and I am finishing my day with a smile on my face bearing in mind Gary Snyder’s words:

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.


Ps. I adore spending time outside, walking barefoot , feeding my eyes

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with the amazing world around.

The most beautiful feeling about nature is that it keeps making me speechless , filling me with awe :)

and I wish it never stops.