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Help ME Hack the System and Win a Holiday

Dear SF’ers!

Do you want ME to go on an amazing FREE holiday in Phuket, Thailand? Help me out! All you have to do is to click on THIS LINK and give the photo a like and a comment. I am hereby asking of our amazing community to help me out. The photo with most likes will win a 2 night stay at the Sri Panwa in Phuket. Lets SUPERFOREST THIS COMPETITION WOOHOO! In your comments, add a link to our beloved SuperForest and something nice if you like. If you want, you can also share the photo link on your own page so we can exponentially ramp up the likes!




p.s. Beatrice Lee is my soul/life partner who has amazingly offered to share her winnings with me if she emerges victorious. LETS POSI-VIBE THIS COMPETISH

The Zeer Pot Fridge Keeps Your Greens Fresh

(Image via Practical Action)

She harvests her vegetables, fresh greens and bell peppers. She knows she has at most two days to sell all her fresh harvests before they begin to spoil and will fetch no money at the market. With no access to electricity and little money, how will she keep her produce ready for the market?

This is a very real problem in developing nations around the world. The Zeer pot fridge keeps perishable goods fresh for up to 3 weeks. All that is required? 2 pots of varying size, sand, a burlap sack and a hot, dry climate. Using complicated (probably simple to most people) laws of thermodynamics (is that even applicable here? sounds fancy enough, is all.), the Zeer pot fridge is cheap and easy to build. Most of all it can drastically change the lives of those in need of simple innovations such as this. Great way for those of us looking to live off the grid to keep some of those organics fresher for longer.

(via Gizmodo)

p.s. found a YouTuber with a DIY video.

see also: Pot-in-pot wiki

We are all energy


Riding off of SF’er Mathew’s awesome post, I want to share this with all of you. In the grand scheme, we are all just bits and particles bound together by magic! An endless system of recycling. I keep thinking, about all the negatives, all the pollution and cars and factories and capitalist systems and war…if all our energy is bound within this one system, that means our world is malleable in any way we want! It’s just that right now, a lot of that energy has manifested negatively.. and it’s up to each of us to manifest positively. YES WE CAN. If we can manifest energy to create and remote control a rover and make it shoot laser beams out of its head millions of miles away, we can make autonomous cars run off of renewable and clean energy. We can provide safe, clean drinking water for everyone. We can put food on every table. WE can do it if WE wish to manifest it!

Seriously, fellow Humans, we are so Awesome.

I love you,


Our Assignment


Saw this a-floatin around the Facebook Interwebs.

Beautiful. Simple. Easy? Maybe not, but definitely worth it.

Live, Love, Light!


It’s been raining for 2 days straight…

It’s been pouring and grey in Hong Kong for the past two days.. so its time for some rain cloud clearing LAUGHTER!!!!

LAUGHS! from Everynone on Vimeo.


via Kottke

30 Gifts, 30 Strangers

30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

When Lucas Jatoba turned 30, he wanted to show his gratitude to the city that he loved. He gives out 30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney, expecting nothing in return. A short video, it’s heartwarming to see the reactions. Extra points for using “To Build a Home” by Cinematic Orchestra.

UPDATE* – There’s a ‘making of’:

Making of –

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30 gifts to 30 strangers from Lucas Jatoba on Vimeo.

Sunray Kelley

Inspired By… SunRay Kelley from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

Sunray Kelley builds these

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amazing houses out in the wilderness. I love how organic they are, as though they sprouted from the ground by themselves. The wood used in the construction process is all sourced from the forests nearby. He will literally just walk off into the forest, find something he deems appropriate and bring it back to the work site and add it on to the building. Perhaps this is why the buildings feel so organic… they are!

Watch the video, I highly recommend it. The diving board is my

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favorite! He looks like he could just bounce on that thing all day.

(via Treehugger)

Vriksha-asana – The Tree Pose

My favorite asana in the insane plethora of poses that one encounters in the world of yoga is Vriksha-asana, or known more commonly as the Tree pose. I love the feeling of balancing on one leg and then stretching out, up into the sky. The power, balance and poise inherent in this asana has always resonated soundly with me. Probably, it’s also because I found this asana to be particularly easy, a welcome break from the tiring flow of the Vinyasa. Whenever the teacher would ask for any requests at the beginning of a yoga practice, I would always be the first to chirp: “Tree pose please!”.

SuperForest, you may know from reading previous entries, that I work for my family business. Now I don’t want to go into too much detail about it – suffice to say, what I was doing was not fulfilling nor allowing me to channel happiness. I had only been doing it for 9 months, knowing from the start I didn’t want to, but felt obligated by familial responsibility to at least give it a try. For that period of time, I had tried to make it work, tried to convince myself that this was the right choice. I listened to my head and ego, instead of my heart.

There are several occasions in life when you know that the decision you’re about to make WILL change the rest of your life. I always think that every decision somehow causes a ripple effect and affects your environment in ways you can’t even fathom, but it’s not so common when you’re faced with a decision that you KNOW will change everything.

Two days ago, I flew back from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I had spent a month there, on an extended business trip. Little did I know that in a month’s time, I would fly back a different person. The time I spent there was transformative. I began to practice yoga daily. I rediscovered the joy of simply walking through a forest. A real green one, not the concrete one I was so used to. I let go of past distractions – things that I used to take my mind away from the life I was leading, one where I was not the captain, instead, just along for the ride. Sitting in the plane at 34,000 feet, I poured everything out onto pieces of paper, allowing my pen to be the extension through which all could be released. I did this to not only better organize what I wanted to say, but also as a sort of rehearsal in my mind. I had always been afraid of talking frankly with my Dad. Imagine tough as nails, cunning and cool businessman. Now multiply that by 10. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous.

Picking him up at the train station, I saw a hint of a smile flit across his face as he got on the car. We had not seen each other in a month. After lunch, we went hiking. In between the buzz of insects and the seemingly suffocating humidity, Dad listened calmly as I explained my decision to leave the company. As we walked, I talked more and more, letting it just flow. He listened silently. When we reached the top and turned around to trudge back down, he began to speak, explaining his thoughts on what I said, and though we still differ in opinion, he gave me his blessing.

I want to live exactly like my favorite asana, firmly planted to the Earth in balance and power, cheekily on one leg and arms outstretched in grateful exultation to all. Now is the time to explore, to look inside and out and see where it takes me. The opportunity to live and love as my heart desires is upon me. Luckily, I have more support from all of you then I had ever imagined. SuperForest is a pillar of strength. Reading about all your incredible lives and adventures gives me the courage to forge my own and  to stand tall and strong. Heather’s post gave me even more strength when I needed it most. So thank you for reading and know that each one of you that reads, comments or simply reflects are all a part of this incredible community of superheroes. I may be but a single Tree, but together, we make up an incredible, incredible SuperForest.

Thank You.


SuperForest in Vancouver

Hello from Vancouver!

Having grown up in this beautiful city, I am back again (from a 14 year absence)! Let’s play SuperForest VC! Any SuperForesters out here, please comment and let’s get together a SuperForest SuperSummit (Vancouver).

Oh and by the way, GO CANUCKS GO!




Dutch Lights For Cambodian Nights

(via via Mathieu Young)

This story was brought to my attention by the lovely SuperForester Joey (a lover of art, western shoot-outs and plops). I’ll let this quote explain the image above:

According to the United Nations, over 25 percent of the world’s population lives without access to electricity. In Cambodia, that number is estimated to be over 70 percent. Living in a rural area without access to electricity can be dark and dangerous.

While traveling in Cambodia and taking pictures for various nonprofits, I met employees of KamWorks, a Dutch social enterprise which focuses on bringing solar power to rural areas. They have recently completed a design project in collaboration with the rural Cambodians it is meant to serve, and the result is the “Moonlight,” a small solar-powered LED lantern, which they have started manufacturing in a small solar powered facility in a fishing village an hour outside of the capital, Phnom Penh.

Traditional light sources were kerosene lamps, hardly safe for the structures that they live in, mostly made of wood and straw. Burning kerosene also releases fumes and soot, as well as contributing to greenhouse gases. So not only is the Moonlight a sustainable alternative, it has an added bonus of being safe.

Not only do these lamps provide a safer, alternative light source, KamWorks is producing the Moonlight locally, creating jobs within the local economy.

Seems like WIN! WIN! WIN! all ’round!

(via via Mathieu Young)

How to Reclaim Your SuperForesty-ness: It All Starts With a Hug From Mom

As some of you may know, since graduating from NYU in January ’10, I’ve been back in Hong Kong, employed at a company that sells Korean Ginseng. Something about working in a corporate, office-y setting and doing corporate, office-y things shifts one’s attention away from where it’s most important. It is true. Where you choose to put your attention defines who you are, who you become. Lately, I have found my attention being shifted towards surviving and achieving in this ‘business’ world.

A couple of days ago, SuperForester Heather sent out an email to Team SuperForest, requesting us to pitch in to hit 1000 likes on Facebook (we’re currently at 903). In response to that email, I spoke of how things around here seemed to

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have slowed down these past couple of months, and along with that, my motivation and dedication to leading a life of positivity and love has somewhat withered and shriveled. In dire need of some SF watering and immersion to bring myself back! (I highly recommend digging back through the archives.)

Which brings me here now. A blog written recently by our friend, SuperForester Jason, spoke of how we oughta approach life with the attitude of a beginner. Ever-inspiring, this wake-up-call of a blog post raised my spirits and gave me hope. Who says we have to be experts on being love or being positive? We are human and we will falter! As long as we try again and don’t let up.

Then, I saw this:

(via Neatorama)

….and faith has returned, SuperForesty-ness reclaimed! Thanks to a one-two combo of beginner’s advice and internet cat video:

I Am Restored

in Love,


Dear SuperForest


Through the trials and tribulations of coming to terms with entering the workforce, trying to be love within a place dedicated to being one thing only: creating more of  a fictional number that money represents, I have learned (and am still learning) how to maintain my SuperForesty being even against the barrage that is the ‘business’ world. Thank you for keeping me strong! SuperForest, you are a community of strength, love and calm that sustains me. THANK YOU! Thank you to all that comment, all that read the lovely posts that are sent in from all corners of Mother Earth and most of all, the dedicated individuals who are living examples of what we all wish to attain. We are not perfect, but it is out imperfections that decorate us and make us shine like the shiniest of Christmas trees. SuperForest, I Salute YOU.

(Uluwatu, Bali. Being here made me want to share the light hitting my eyes with everyone of you out there. The beauty was (and is ) astounding even as I look back at these photographs. SuperForest!)

love love love to you all :)


SuperForest Shoutout from Uluwatu, Bali

Hey Superforest!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a wedding in Bali this past weekend. From Kuta Beach, Uluwatu is about one hour away by car. The journey there was every bit as scenic as the video above. We passed by many surfer ‘warungs’ or surfer restaurants, all designed to cater to the hungry surfers that had just come in from the perfect swells and waves that Bali has to offer. Nothing says freedom more than the sight of a moped with a crudely designed surferboard cradle zipping along the country roads looking for the next pristine beach.

However, none of that prepared me to what I was about to witness when I got to the wedding venue. I’ll let the video do the rest! Being my first video post on SF, I’m a little nervous. For some funny reasons, whenever I hear or see myself recorded, it always gives me the chills. It just feels so… awkward!. Anyhow, I think the view does the awkward me justice. Enjoy SuperForest! (…and uh…)