Back to the Earth

Helloooo SuperForesters!

How is your garden growing? And I mean that literally and spiritually.

I know it’s been a while, but I wanted to share a little love for our friend Jason and his pals Raining Jane with their new album — Yes!

Check out this catchy little ditty from the new album:

YES! is a message we can all appreciate here at SuperForest :)

In the spirit of yes, I have two questions for you and I want to hear from you!!!

1) What are you saying YES to lately?

Please answer in the comments

2) What is growing in your garden?

Please take a picture and share on our Facebook page or Twitter feed!

SuperForest loves you,

~SuperForester Heather

3 Responses to “Back to the Earth”

  • So glad you posted about the new album! It’s amazing so far and the pairing of Raining Jane and Jason Mraz is brilliant.

    I’ve been saying “YES!” to letting my heart guide me, opening up to people, letting myself be happy, and I even said yes to a drastic haircut! Short hair, don’t care.

    I unfortunately don’t have a real garden at this time, but my metaphorical garden is growing self-confidence, love, and friendship.

    Hope all is well and thriving,

  • Yay, Miranda! Thank you for sharing!! Short hair, don’t care – love it! We all deserve to be happy and letting your heart guide you is awesome :) Here’s to self confidence, love and friendship :) Here’s to women owning their awesomeness!
    Much Love xoxo

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