Music We Love: Kris Orlowski (and his band!)

Heyo Superfriends! How the heck is everyone? I would love to hear from all of you shiny SuperForesters out there and how you are saving the environment starting with YOURSELF! As for me, I’ve been embracing 2014 and I look forward to sharing my new philosophies and lessons learned soon :) What have you been learning so far this year, SuperForesters?

One thing I’ve definitely learned is that there are some pretty kickass musicians out there in our amazing universe! Rather than list them all, I decided to share a song I can’t seem to get out of my head lately, and its equally rad video counterpart. I first discovered Seattle-based Kris Orlowski by listening to and following the beautiful and talented Dawn Mitschele on those handy dandy social media networks. Kris has a really unique voice and I love his lyrics, especially on this newest song, “Believer”. I think you will agree, SuperForest, that any song that says “…stand tall, I’m a believer…” describes all of us in this community in one way or another.

Please enjoy the musical stylings of the Kris Orlowski Band and their newest song, “Believer”, followed by a really rad little ditty called “Mountains” where Kris and the guys sing with some friends, one of whom is the madly talented and soulful Allen Stone.

I love you, SuperForest! Do share what you’ve been up to so far in 2014 and what music YOU are listening to?

Yours in love with music,

SuperForester Heather


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  • Awesome! Thank you, Heather! I LOVE this song!! And it makes me realize how I miss all of these super uplifting type of songs that I use to listen soooo much for a while (Jason Mraz & friends)! After this “phase” I started to listen just the same amount (mostly all day long!), but of kirtans and bhajans, then since last summer, I changed it all for just bad ass electronic music (just as healing and somehow spiritual than kirtans and bhajans, but just a complete other type… the type that you feel the music throughout your whole body and danse your life out… in trance, rather than to sit down in meditation and trance out… same result in the end! ;)

    Listening to this new song that you just posted just reminded me that perhaps I should reintegrate some of this type of uplifting songs throughout my music listening habits, for it really has another good effect on me! So thank you, dear! :)

    Lessons of 2014… Gosh, so much is happening this year that I am completely lost!! What a roller coaster ride, it’s unbelievable!! :P I guess that the lesson is:
    1- Anything can happen: so just appreciate and fully live what’s there while it’s there, and
    2- Anything is possible: really, you can do anything you want, just BELIEVE!!

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