Jackson said…

“What is this site, you may ask? What purpose could these words and images serve?”


My answer is – I don’t know.

What I do know is that when I type “superforest.org” in my web browser, I smile before I press Enter.

I smile because I know that I am going to read something (whether old or new) that is going to put me in a better mood. Period.

It is going to help me keep a fresh perspective on things.

It makes me remember the awesome, crazy, random phone calls and voice mails with Jackson.

It is going to make me remember why I originally bought a “Zero One Oklahoma”.

I love this site. It doesn’t matter if there is another post on it ever again – as long as the domain is active – I will visit it.

Love you guys,


BTW – Natalie’s post from a few days ago was awesome.

3 Responses to “Jackson said…”

  • Awesomesauce! Couldn’t agree more. Let’s inject some new life into this baby!

  • Hahaha! YEAH!! This is exactly what it just has done to me: has put a huge smile upon my face! I feel excited again about life and interconnectedness, and I would talk for hours with people sharing similar points of view about life and things in general! Thanks, Matt!! Thanks SuperForest! ♥

  • Exactly. I came here because I was uninspired and now I am getting that fresh perspective that I was looking for :)

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