SuperForest Revampalicious!

464604_10201143215930401_604690944_o Gooooooood Morning SuperForest! Spam comments, writerly inactivity, and a general feeling of blah seem to have crept in and set up shop at this url. What is this site, you may ask? What purpose could these words and images serve? I myself have wondered that very thing multiple times a day since the site was created. At first, the site was a place for me to store inspiring tidbits. In its “Team SuperForest” incarnation, SF was a rallying point for a motivated group of netters who wanted to connect and share and were excited about the “I am the environment meme.” What it is now is anybody’s guess. So, let’s take it apart, examine the pieces, and put it all back together again! The problem with SuperForest in its current incarnation is simple: It has no leader and thus no coherent point of reference. At one point in time, I was the leader and spent many, many hours online, sitting in front of a glowing box, uploading and downloading words and pictures. I no longer spend much time online. Online means indoors, looking at a box. I much prefer outside, in the garden, in the sun, putting plants in the ground and dealing with my new and improved SuperForest Social Network (aka, the people and things I see and encounter every single day.) Gone are the days when I organized virtually. Now, I organize actually. Melissa and I spend the majority of our waking hours organizing

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the physical manifestation of the SuperForest, now called Stellar Gardens. Meant as both a tribute and a life raft for our daughter Stellar, Stellar Gardens is what you would get if you took the Humanifesto really, really, seriously, and actively made the environment an extension of yourself. That means we’ve bought a five acre piece of land and are using it to create, refine, and share the techniques used to do it yourself. That means sharing this land with a number of families. That means creating a big old chunk of crazy and watching as it self-assembles into a working prototype. The work is still very much in progress. Since I am no longer a digital ringleader and have transitioned to physical ringleader, the site has languished. Great word: LANGUISHED. Here’s what I’ma gonna do: Re-define things! SuperForest is now going to be a site were we aggregate and share the behaviors we develop at Stellar Gardens. In addition, a new Humanifesto will update the document I wrote in 2000-ish to include all that I’ve learned in the past several years. When I wrote the Humanifesto, the SuperForest was a mere concept. I’ve since seen that SuperForesting is real and has real results. The site will show people the results of the behaviors that accompany SuperForesting. The site will lead the curious and interested to Stellar Gardens, where, if one so desires, one can come to learn firsthand our techniques for bridging the gap between consumerism and regenerative living. The chasm is wide, but not insurmountable, and we can help. Team SuperForest will now mean anyone who has read the site and is in any way sympathetic to the cause. Participation will not be required. One can be a SuperForester and not even know it. To become an elite within the known echelon of SuperForesters will require taking part in the creation of an actual piece of the SuperForest. Whether that “taking part” happens at Stellar Gardens or at an as yet undetermined piece of land is up to each SuperForester. So: SuperForest becomes the note on the bulletin board telling you that school has been dismissed early. Stellar Gardens becomes the forest that we laugh and play in as we re-learn how to be human beings in the absence of meta-cultural/familial conditioned responses. There is a way out. Shoots, there are MANY ways out. If you want to exit, we can help. The other side is brighter and more fun than anything you can imagine. If it seems lonely at first, it’s probably because most SuperForesters are outside in their gardens, not clacking away online. Soon the edges of the gardens will begin to meet. Already we’re seeing certain trends and patterns emerge: aquaculture, hugelkultur, permaculture, air lifts, passive water heaters, rocket stoves, community creation, emotional responsibility, Universalism. All these patterns are there for those with the eyes to see them. This site should lead you physically to Stellar Gardens, and Stellar Gardens should lead you emotionally back to the SuperForest. Question: How do you cool down a rapidly heating planet, steaming in a aerial broth of CO2? Answer: Plant a shit ton of trees and plants. Question: How do you encourage people to stop consuming and start producing (aka planting trees and plants?) Answer: Point out how numbing, boring, destructive, and stupid-making consumerism is, while simultaneously highlighting the joys of SuperForesting. Game on. 965882_10201136938533470_372474547_o

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