Jackson's Journal – The Delicate Diaphanous Dance

Hands Holding Soil


Oh, this hilarious thing called life! This short rocket ship ride from end to end of the existence spectrum. Great, great fun. To build community is my heart’s desire. To see my child surrounded by other children and to watch this pack of dancing, happy, laughing children careen from adult to adult learning and growing and being children together. And why should this not succeed? It is not such a grand wish. A simple wish. To have a piece of land to call my home and to live there and be there and put my love and my energy into the soil. This is not such a very big wish. I should like this wish to come true. It would mean a great deal to me. I have been so incredibly lucky in this life! To be born into this nice, straight, upright body, capable and quick, and to have the upbringing I did and the advantages I have enjoyed has been wonderful. I have enjoyed it. It would bring me greater enjoyment to share it. I have been around the world, guest to many people in many countries. I’ve been so lucky. To see people in their homes, around their friends, laughing and being people,

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all over the world. We are all so very alike. I want to build a piece of art on the land. An explosion of color and sound. I want

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this art to be a performance art piece involving everything and everyone on the land. I want this piece to have no clear objective, no set ending, no real rules other than this one: Be very happy and choose love. What sort of world would happy, laughing, loving people create for themselves? What would they ask of their surroundings? How would they dance with the raw land? That is the question that excites me. What sort of world would happy loving people create for themselves? YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Jackson

2 Responses to “Jackson's Journal – The Delicate Diaphanous Dance”

  • Beautyfull excitement. Enjoyed reading, so inspiring that i want it to let you know. Sounds fantastic, a land where exiting energies flow through their movements to joy – joining the song of the earth reviling its beauty from within to the peace in oneself enabling the freedom from oneself to radiating and nurture each other on the way to be who we are. Rainbow peace warriors. <3. A. <3 blesings to the spouls of the stellar paradise gardens from the now here.

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