SuperForest Interviews: Neil Pasricha Brings Us Even More Awesome!

A while ago, SuperForester Carla interviewed Neil Pasricha, creator of the blog and author of The Book of Awesome. Now Neil has Even More Awesome to share! I met up with him at the to chat about life, SuperForest and his new book!

SuperForest (SF): Do you find yourself looking for awesome things all the time, or has it become automatic at this point?

Neil Pasricha (NP): As soon as you start deciding to look for awesome things, you see more of them. It’s not a new idea, but I do keep track of them by making notes in my cell phone and writing them on bus transfers as I notice [the awesome things].

SF: I get a general theme of gratitude from your blog and your books. How has being consciously more grateful helped you in your life?

NP: At the end of your fragile, delicate lives, we will look back and remember the high highs, but those will add up to maybe 5 or 10 days of your life in total. As soon as you realize that, you think to yourself, ‘How do I stay happy for more days?’ The idea of looking for small [awesome] things becomes very appealing.

SF: Have you noticed a change in the collective consciousness with respect to positivity, gratitude and love since you first started your blog?

NP: Yes, but it’s not because it’s changed, it’s because I focus on it now. I still see negative things in the newspaper, but now because of my blog, I’ve been exposed to TED and this event ().

SF: What are some of your favourite books?

NP: (Without hesitation) Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, Naked by David Sedaris and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse.

SF: How do you think your message relates to the SuperForest Humanifesto and the environment in general?

NP: I agree with the SuperForest philosophy. Seeing awesome things in your life helps you see and perceive the beauty of our environment, which makes you more engaged in it and makes you want to preserve it.

Thanks, Neil! SuperForest officially thinks you’re “awesome”!

Yours in Awesomeness,

SuperForester Heather


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