The SuperForest Humanifesto

picture-91(image by flickr user conceptvessel)

The SuperForest Humanifesto

What is going to save the human race?

Thank you.

Three words that will totally change this planet.
More than solar power. More than recycling. More than wind energy.


Because if we all started treating the people and things that we interact with every day with respect and compassion, the effects would ripple through every aspect of our lives, transforming society.

Our parents taught us the manners “rule-sets” that we use every day, and as a result, we feel that we have (through years of introspection) begun walking the path towards enlightenment. Our manners dictate the way we treat the external world, the Environment. We feel that it is primarily our manners that dictate our success as humans.

Folks talk about wanting to save the “Environment”, and that conjures up images of bubbling brooks and unspoiled forests. But “the Environment” isn’t just greenery and pretty scenery. It’s our slums, our airports, our houses, our supermarkets.
The Environment is everything that disappears when you close your eyes.

If you want to improve it, you must begin with what you see and encounter every single day of your life.

Before we can set about elevating our present society from a carbon-based one to a solar-electric one, knowing full well that solar-electric decentralized power means a higher quality of life for all, we must first pause and ask ourselves: Why? What is worth saving?

Human Consciousness.

Our gift and curse as humans is our incredible consciousness. We are aware, and that is the greatest and worst thing we’ve got going for us. Because we can clearly see how well we could be living, how politely we could be treating one another, how incredible life could be; we feel it is our duty to delight and inform our fellow humans in the hopes of creating a better world.

There is no reason every human on Earth could not have access to:
Clean Water
Nutritious Un-modified Food
Open Source Communication
Freedom from Oppression and Fascism

But, as is painfully obvious, most humans don’t have those things.
Most humans don’t have two of the six!

They could, but they don’t.


Bad Manners.

Nearly every religion this planet has yet produced has as one of its tenets the idea that to be happy, you must treat others as you yourself would hope to be treated.
A failure in this respect is simply bad form.

When a company decides to dump its waste into a river that others downstream use for drinking water, that is bad manners.

When a society chooses to isolate its citizenry in prisons and not offer any chance at rehabilitation, that is bad manners.

When a person decides to walk into a school and open fire on their classmates, that is extremely bad manners.

That is why we MUST START NOW.

All new generations must be schooled in the art of good manners if we are to survive, let alone flourish, as a species.

Try your hardest to treat others as you hope they would treat you, and actively look for ways to help the people around you. Do this from a pure place within you and watch the effects ripple outward!


Because so few are doing it.

Good manners make you stand out like a struck match in a dark room.

Three Essentials:

Make eye contact with anyone you interact with. Smiling is optional but highly encouraged.
Use the words “Please” and “Thank You” as often as you can.
Seek out ways to improve the lives of others. This can be as small as carrying someones bag up a flight of stairs, or holding a door open.

Do these three things and your life will change immeasurably. And you will begin to change the lives of those who come into contact with you in a measurable and positive way.

We are filled with optimism and hope.

Thank you for reading this.


Team SuperForest

We have been lucky enough to have the Humanifesto translated by some amazing and generous SuperForesters around the world:

Italian: Manifesto dell’Humanita’ translated by SuperForester Silvia.

Spanish: El Humanifesto de SuperForest translated by SuperForester Imelda.

Bahasa Indonesia: Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Anindya.

Hungarian: SuperForest Humanifesto-ja translated by SuperForester Larissa.

Japanese: ヒューマニフェスト translated by SuperForester Keiko.

Dutch: SuperForest Humanifest translated by SuperForester Erik.

French: Le Humanifesto de SuperForest translated by SuperForester Marie-Paule.

Polish: Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Ewa.

Korean: Humanifesto translated by Superforester Soyoung.

Portuguese: Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Anna.

Danish: Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Emil.

Swedish:Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Magdalena.

Arabic: البيان الإنساني لسوبرفورست translated by SuperForester Saja.

Mandarin: Humanifesto translated by SuperForesters Yangyide Ye, & Winnie

Romanian: Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Ioana

Greek: Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Mary Ann

Afrikaans: Die SuperForest Mens Manifes translated by SuperForester Karien

German: Das SuperForest Humanifest translated by SuperForester Michael

Russian: Humanifesto translated by SuperForester Maria

Swahili: Humanifesto ya SuperForest translated by SuperForester Rahim

We’re still looking for Greek, Latin, German, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Afrikaans, Swahili, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Swedish, Gaelic, Farsi, Esperanto, Vietnamese, and any others we’ve forgotten.

Would you like to help translate the Humanifesto? Drop us a line.

Thank you very much.

46 Responses to “The SuperForest Humanifesto”

  • beautiful words… thank you for choosing my image to accompany this post.

    i agree that manners are essential – the manifestation of respect, which can bring enlightenment to our world.

    for me, the respect must extend to other beings, and to the earth itself. for me, we are all interconnected and we humans are one beautiful thread in an exquisite tapestry of consciousness, of being-ness.

    all the best,

  • Dear Jeanne,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment. When I first saw your photograph I was struck by how perfectly it illustrated a tone I was trying to achieve. I’m very pleased you approve.



  • Hieee… just wanted to let you know that Cantonese is spoken differently than Mandarin but written the same way, so a Cantonese translation would be the same as a Mandarin written translation. =)

    i think it’s really cool what you’re all doing here XD

    • Jin! Thank you so much for your comment! I had no idea they were written the same way, how interesting! I’ll cross out Cantonese and Chinese then. : )

      With love and gratitude,

  • Wonderful to hear of someone promoting good manners as a way of saving the planet – more power to your collective elbows!

  • I applaud your efforts. Your call for mutual respect and compassion is powerful. As a civically-engaged academic, I am happy to tell you there is a growing literature that discusses the values and types of interpersonal skills you extol. Some of this literature goes under the rubric of “social intelligence” and “emotional intelligence.” Good stuff. But your work, your humanifesto, is even better. You are champions and the world needs you.

  • Love love love this! What an amazing group :) I’m in NYC and want to get involved I work in film and tv and have so many avenues to spread the message. (ps I went to film school at AAC with you Jackson) xoxo

  • Jackson. Sooner or later you’ll not be smiling when you see what they’re doing in West Virginia. Mountaintops blown to smithereens and poison streams. Your team looks awesome and just the kind flick on the lightswitch. The links are awesome. Thanks.

  • Hey Jackson,
    If you please I want to thank you! Cool website. Read Pema Chodron: When Things Fall Apart. She is a happy lady full of good manners, humor, wisdom and optimism. I like what you are doing. Super Forest site is a cyber hug. Also nice to meet your eyes and smile (and brain) today in person.
    Our paths will cross on the journey.

  • Wow,….. I’m currently going to college and realize over and over again that I hate it. Not for the fact of school itself but simply because I feel as if im falling into the same cycle of everyone else that school leads to a career ect…… Instead of sitting in a classroom I wanna be out there changing the world. Yet I get told in order to do this I need to go to School. Reading this just reinforces the idea in my head that there is Hope out there. This inspires me!! Thankyou!!!

  • Your website is wonderful! So much hope, compassion and good sense. Your communitarian spirit is exactly what humanity needs to overcome the greed and destruction that has emerged from too much emphasis on individualism. I hope your message spreads far and wide, and quickly. Side note: liked reference to A Waking Life–seen it, shown it several times, always with appreciative response (though some viewers report slight motion sickness….)

  • I just came across this blog and find it very inspiring, particularly the humanifesto. Just wanted to say Thanks.

  • This concept reinforces the paradigm that ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’; the time is now for all of us to seek inner peace as individuals as a means for spreading peace around the world and to Mother Earth. There is a wonderful group of heart-centered people on the 13MoonWalk4Peace that left Atlanta on 10-10-10; they are walking to 42 communities across the US doing just what you are promoting. You can learn more and be part of what they are doing by checking out the website: Namaste.

  • I LOVE the Humanifesto! I just discovered SuperForest and I’m so excited! I love the concept of a positivity blog. When I was younger I was bothered by how depressing news reports were. I thought there should be a separate news program that focused on happy, good-fortune news that would air immediately after the “normal” news and lift people’s spirits. My parents said no one would watch that, but you all would! I am happy right now. Please (keep being awesome) and thank you (for being awesome).

  • I never realized that lack of manners, lack of giving respect could do so much harm around us. I knew it started with us to do what we can to make the world a better place; but completely never realized it starts with us in changing the way we are toward one another. Reading this makes me want to be a better individual.

    Thank you

  • Thank you for the Humanifesto, it is good food for thought. Please consider the following comments in the positive spirit it was given and intended:
    One of the toughest challenges we all have is to both maintain a positive outlook (remaining optimistic and hopeful), while at the same time being as rigorously self-critical as possible.
    It helps to be self-critical and open to weighing other viewpoints because the human race is a complex, changing entity that is difficult to save with only 657 words– there is always room to improve your effectiveness, and with that in mind, here are some un-prioritized thoughts.

    As counterpoint to your manifesto, there are those who believe that as long as there are limited resources (which may be forever?, unless effective population control and heavily-genetically-modified foods become ‘de rigueur’), then real politeness can only exist after sufficient violence is either exerted, or threatened, upon our fellow citizens/tribesmen/clan-members etc. Conflict (and, sadly, death before reproduction by the less-fit) is what sharpened our minds and bodies and allows us today to live amazingly pain-free and productive for decades, compared to our ancestors even hundreds of years ago, let alone tens of thousands of years ago. Stated another way: there are people out there (courts, law enforcement, military) who do not say please and thank you, so that we can. And if they stop doing what they do (with a gun, ultimately), we won’t be able to be polite anymore (because we’ll each be our own judge, cop and soldier). That use of force is necessary may not be a bad trait to be eradicated, just a fact of living competitively with limited resources. Use of force (natural selection) is, after all, what evolved humans to what they are today, and is what will (hopefully) evolve our progeny into whatever post-human race improvement that they will become.

    So, loosely speaking, one may consider expanding the scope of the manifesto: let’s not just save the human race, lets allow our off-spring to progress beyond our limitations, so that we become like Neanderthals to their more-adapted race; they being more adapted to whatever conditions exist on earth in some unimaginably large number of years (because, surely conditions then will be as different from today, as today is to the Ice Ages, and the millenia before that). A “Neanderthallegory”?
    If that seems worth aspiring to, then we may need to look beyond politeness.

  • Ah…I just found this Humanifesto this morning and I feel like a coffee drinker must after his first cup in the morning. I may just have to read this every morning. I have been working in my little hamlet in Alaska for years now with this exact philosophy, trying to portray it to others, watching the fabric of my community drink it up like a lost soul in the desert. We don’t have an ecological crisis, we have a serious human relations crisis. And it is so easy and fun and proactive and rewarding to work on it from that perspective that the world needs to see it, learn it, experience it. Over and over. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  • SuperForestersRock!!

    Hugs to All!!

    FourYears.Go. !!

    The Pachamama Alliance !! !!

    EarthFamily at Home Balancing Life !!

  • Your humanifesto is exactly what I’ve been teaching my kids for ages as the basic human rule we should all follow – be good and do good. I’ve taught them to help whenever and however you can no matter what. I’ve shown them that saying a kind word to the cashier who is being unresponsive makes her smile and opens her up. And I’ve taught them to believe that there is beautiful, divine goodness in us all no matter what the outside of leads others to believe. My 14yo son opens doors for people, smiles and thanks every cashier and waitress that we come into contact with. He even walks up to every single soldier he sees and thanks them for what they are doing for our country. Sometimes he’s met with a confused look, but more often he gets a smile in return. We should all teach our children the importance of respect and compassion. Thank you for sharing your vision with the world. -Namaste, Michelle in GA

  • Yes! Thank you for this beautiful window, seeing positive actions for Life wether big or small is always blissfull ;)
    I read in Jayne’s comment below that you’re a Cyber Hug ! and YOU ARE !! a soothing balm, a rainbow of hope, a hand we can hold on to,a light in the darkness,
    Thank you for adding & manifesting higher notes to this crazy world symphony <3

  • This is beautiful, thank you for sharing and for the reminders! Love.

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